8 Mistakes men make in marriage

In the last decade, we all were made to believe women should only be the ones responsible for keeping the home. This isn’t right. Both partners are meant to live together, so they should as well keep a home. This is one of the mistakes men make in marriage.

mistakes men make in marriage

Before now, I wrote a series of articles on the mistakes most women make in their marriage, and now I feel men shouldn’t be left out of the show. Below are the marriage tips for men on the mistakes they make in marriage.

  1. Considering your emotional satisfaction alone in the bedroom

Most men fall victim to this. All they are concerned about is their own satisfaction, this makes their wives see them as being selfish. If you keep disregarding the emotional satisfaction of your wife in the bedroom, it can ruin your marriage or reduce the level of love she has for you. Having a nice time with your wife requires a high level of communication, and it should occur when both partners are relaxed and open to ideas from each other.

  1. Spending money recklessly

Financial freedom should be encouraged in your marriage because this is one major reason why husbands ignore their wives. It isn’t friendly to be the sole breadwinner of the family. Even at this point, you should consult your wife when making huge purchases, as doing so without her consent is another great mistake most men make in marriage. I do know how well most men will react to this. “Keeping your bank account hidden from your wife is not a good idea in marriage.” Keeping important things such as this from her will make her feel less loved, and this alone will cause a serious problem in your marriage.

If you sincerely love her as you claim, then trust her with your finances as well. While this is applicable to a woman who spends wisely, revealing your entire account details to a materialistic wife maybe your end.

  1. Not involving yourself in training the kids

Men make mistakes a lot when it comes to providing emotional support for their kids. The majority of them see it as the duty of their wife to provide this care for the family, and this is one wrong concept that shouldn’t be encouraged in your marriage. At no point in the life of your children take the backseat when child-rearing is involved. Be part of your kids’ life, take them shopping, for games, holiday vacation, just anything to be an active father and not only a husband. Remember, it takes two to make babies.

  1. Not keeping good hygiene

Men are super excited seeing their wives on new clothes, looking good, and putting on a good smell. It pleases them so well, but they rarely do that themselves. The majority of them lose their body a few years into marriage, and no woman enjoys this. She might not be talking about it, but believe me, it’s a complete no to her. This is another grave mistake most men make in their marriage. As long as you prefer your wife looking good all the time, you ought to do the same. Keeping proper hygiene is not something that happens to you overnight; it’s what you do daily. Trust me; a little trial will convince you.

  1. Failure to make plans

Similar to the sayings, “He who fails to plan, plan to fail.” Being a husband comes with so many responsibilities, especially when you are the sole breadwinner of the house. You need to give your wife, children, and every other member of the family security by planning for the future. While taking care of daily responsibilities is essential, plan the future of your finances, marriage, children, etc. This is something you should be serious about. Don’t make the mistakes most men make in marriage, where they only plan for now; make unique plans for your old age, death, retirement, when your kids get married, among others.

  1. You don’t pay attention to your wife

Ladies enjoy it when listening to all they have to say even without contributing. Sometimes, what they want is a listening ear to heal their heart and not necessarily your feedback. So, you need to listen carefully with much concentration and interest in what she has to say. Don’t assume you already know what she is driving out, or try to end the conversation because you aren’t hearing these words for the first time. Doing so will make her feel bad and reduce her level of self-esteem. This is another mistake most men make in marriage.

  1. You don’t trust your wife

The cycle of trust is vital in all relationships, and marriage isn’t left out. Unfortunately, most men do not confide in their wives. This is part of the mistakes men make in marriage. You need to see your wife as your better half, your gossip partner and someone you can easily confide on. You have to include her in everything going on with you. This is the only way women feel secure in marriage.

  1. You allow family members and friends to disrespect your wife

I think this is the zenith of all the mistakes men make in marriage. Each time you allow people to disrespect your wife, you have failed as a husband. Your wife is part of you, so when she is being disrespected, the shame comes to you as well. More reason you should avoid discussing your marriage life in the public. If at all situation calls for it, make sure it’s the good part of your wife. Let your friends and family members know the positive side, not the negative. You can sort out the negative side with her privately, without your children knowing it.

Now you know the mistakes men make in marriage, I hope you will take this marriage advice because it’s never too late for a fresh beginning.

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