How to tell if your husband wants a divorce

Has he been acting up lately? You may be wondering how on earth things went this bad in your marriage. But here are some apparent signs your husband wants a divorce.

husband wants a divorce

  1. Quick to Anger

I entirely understand how quick it is for some men to get angry, but when your spouse is angered over minor issues and blow up for seemingly no reason, then it’s obvious your husband wants a divorce.

  1. He has stopped planning the future with you

The greatest part of any relationship is sharing our next line of action to see how our partner can fit in. If you are both working towards a future together, and for a long time, he is not saying anything about actualizing it, then it’s another grievous sign you need a divorce.

Try to remember the last time you both had meaningful conversations and how he quickly changed the topic. Not that he doesn’t understand where you are heading towards, it’s obvious he has lost interest in you and will prefer to plan his future alone.

  1. They are doing shady things with money

Planning a home together is one vital ingredient of a happy marriage. These include proper planning of scarce resources for the right budget. Is your spouse currently making a massive purchase without consulting you? He buys flashy cars and houses, and all manner of shady things. All you are aware of is money moving around mysteriously.

Unless you are a greedy woman, this kind of shady attitude towards spending is a suspicious one. It could mean so much. What if all these resources are being channeled towards a new lover? or is he preparing to be financially independent?

Divorce could also mean a division of assets and not only breaking the contract. Your husband could want a divorce and try putting money out of your reach. Don’t be surprised he already hired an attorney who is processing the divorce.

  1. They’ve stopped trusting you

Sharing a secret is an essential part of marriage. I don’t think any relationship can stand the test of time without it. It is normal to discuss everything with your spouse. Even the little things like how you spend your day, what you took for lunch, how cool your day went, etc.

But now all that has topped. He has changed his attitude, and neighbors have noticed the level of change. If he decides to start keeping vital things from you, it’s obvious the trust cycle has lost its value, or it is broken completely. His heart is no longer for you, and this could be signs of divorce.

  1. They lie and keep secrets over everything

This is a great sign he wants a divorce. When a man has lost interest, he finds every reason to lie. And telling lies is one way to hide secrets. It could be canceling plans for no reason, acting strange, not keeping up with vital communication or commitment for a very long time. Please understand he is no longer interested and a sign you need a divorce.

If you notice these signs in your spouse and you will like to share your experience, please use our comment box below.

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