Husband care during pregnancy – Taking care of your pregnant wife

Can you stand the most stringent test men face in their relationship? Husband care during pregnancy is a severe challenge. It is entirely different from what is seen in movies or what you’ve heard others talking about.

Husband care during pregnancy

Your wife, during conception, can be very moody and gets angry quickly. At times she can be very demanding, but at this stage, you have to understand her body is undergoing series of remarkable changes! Anyone undergoing such an experience is likely to act in a similar pattern. Remember, she is having another human in her womb.

As the body of your wife changes, her physical needs follow suit. There are moments where she will demand things above your capacity. Please don’t get angry, but rather help her with those you can, like giving her a back rub to help ease the aches and pains. It may not end the pain, but at that moment, she will feel some relief.

I can’t imagine anything comparable to the fast changes that occur to a pregnant woman. More reason husband’s responsibility during pregnancy should be thoroughly carried out in their best capacity. It will involve lots of sacrifices and displeasures on your part. Continue reading this post to determine how a husband should treat his pregnant wife and maintain his husband’s status.

Feeding her is topping my list because it is crucial! During pregnancy, the best husband care is to feed his wife to ensure she gets all the required nutrients to stay healthy.

Husband care during pregnancy - Feed her

The stress becomes worst when she is nauseated. In the third trimester, some women find it very difficult to eat well because they have little space in their stomach for food. Husband helping pregnant wife to get all the required nutrients even in the little food is highly recommended.

  • Message her

During conception, your wife’s body will undergo series of changes at different stages. These changes can come in the form of swollen legs, body pains, and soreness. There are times when she feels pain In and out. More reason husband care during pregnancy is needed. Try to message her the best way you can. Especially the lower back because of the baby’s weight in her belly. I can remember messaging my wife daily because there is a new spot with so many pains that needs relief.

Husband care during pregnancy - Message her

Check her feet as well. You can research some YouTube videos on how to message a pregnant wife. It will become easier for you if you use lotion each time you rub her.

  • Stretch her out

Stretching her out is another emotional support during pregnancy. Stretch out her legs to relieve her aches and pains. Way back, I can remember helping my wife to stretch her legs, arms, necks, and backs. If you can’t do this right, please seek the advice of her doctor, who will teach you the way out. Please stretch her out daily. I can remember doing this very early in the morning before we both get ready for work.

Sometimes I repeat the same action at night, just before bedtime. Sleeping becomes a problematic issue for pregnant women, so it’s your responsibility as a husband to help her out the best way you can. Stretching her up will help her rest a bit during the second and third-trimester challenges.

  • Research health authority websites

If you search online, you will discover lots of guides on husband care during pregnancy. To undertake the husband’s responsibility during pregnancy, you need a whole idea of caring for her appropriately. Find out what she is going through at the moment by conducting thorough research from health authority websites. If you are reading this article, please read to the end to set you on the right path.

  • Don’t mock her when she pees on her undies

Now here is the deal, pregnant women during conception undergo series of changes in their bodies, and these changes are different as the baby develops in her womb. Some pregnant women will fart in public, while others will pee on their undies. Try to take things easy with them during this period because they are fast losing control of their body. Mocking her will make the whole issue worse.

Instead of making a mockery of her, take everything as fun and laugh with her. But in cases where she is moody, first, try to resolve the problem. You can give her your jacket to cover up her pee when in public.

  • Do more house chores

A selfish husband during pregnancy expects her to do her daily routine. At the early stage of pregnancy, she can manage to do them, but she finds it very difficult to do all the house chores over three months. During this stage, it’s your responsibility to do more of the house chores. In the process of having her do it herself, she will bend, lift or move things around or stretch to reach out for stuff. She may get hurt in the process.

Husband care during pregnancy - Do more house chores

Try to understand her pregnancy is only for nine months, take over the major house chores, and work around the house during this period. If your business schedule is a busy one, try to rub her to ease her pain and get her to sleep early enough so that you will have enough time to do some cleanup.

  • Help her with the things she can’t do

Remember, the change in her body can sometimes be frustrating. During this period, she finds it difficult to be herself. At this point, you will notice she is trying to do her regular daily routine, but she can’t. It is the stage you are expected to step up. Maybe she finds it difficult to shave her legs; this happens, try to help her out. If you do it without seeing it as a burden, she will notice it and thank you for it.

  • Take care of the kids and her pets

Taking care of a pregnant wife is constantly an issue of discussion because most selfish husbands during pregnancy careless about their wives, kids, and pet. I hope you don’t fall into this category of men. Remember, she is carrying your child; this is the stage she barely can take care of herself. Show more care for the kids and the things she loves most, especially her pets. Feed them, clean them up, and play with them.

As for the kids, you will notice they are very much attracted to their mum during this period; they want to see someone new becoming part of them, this alone will cause her additional stress. Try to distract the kids by taking care of them so that your pregnant wife will have enough time to rest.

  • Please help her to rest

Please help your pregnant wife to achieve the things mentioned above; she will have enough time to rest when she arrives from work. During conception, she will try to do so many things, but don’t allow her. If she insists that she needs to have some things done, tell her to write them down on a list, go through it and streamline the activities if they are too much.

Husband care during pregnancy - Please help her to rest

On your part, try to reduce your daily schedule, else you will keep planning house chores you won’t have time for. It will leave her with no choice than doing it herself. Please help her rest very well in the evening after work stress and take her out during the weekends.

  • Don’t allow her to overdo the house chores

A pregnant wife with her husband always feels relax, but there are times when she will be nesting and will want to tidy up things. During this period, not even the husband’s care can stop her. All you can do is to assist her and set a limit so that she won’t overdo things.

Husband care during pregnancy has no boundaries. Observe her each time she does some house chores, and when she struggles with things, tell her to rest and supervise her doing it.

  • Put her first

Before the arrival of the babies, you will experience some ill feelings and struggle through things. During this period, try and tolerate her more, listen to what she has to say. She ordinarily won’t behave in such an ill manner if she was herself. She is currently fighting changes in hormones and emotions! These feelings can spark up a productive conversation if only you are patient enough to listen to her.

  • Give her your shoulder to cry on

Caring for your pregnant wife should go the extra mile when she is four months away. Whether she cries for a reason or no reason, please spend time with her when she doesn’t feel bright. You may not have seen her cry even for once, but to some extent crying when she is pained can cause her great relief in many ways. So, don’t see her tears as a lack of care from your end, be there for her to wipe the tears off her face. This particular care will make her feel at ease to stop crying.

  • Please help her to reduce stress

Husband helping pregnant wife during her stressful time will help minimize stress. When things go wrong during this period, don’t assume all is well because you want to avoid specific responsibilities. It will reduce her stress of fixing things herself or supervising someone to fix it to her taste.

Each time you fix things, you can let her know. Do everything that will relieve her of stress.

  • Compliment her little effort

During pregnancy, your wife becomes more beautiful than she was. But the pains and stress won’t make her realize this fact. Pregnant women feel so insecure with their big bellies because some levels of intimacy have reduced. You can show care during pregnancy by complimenting your pregnant wife. Even when she does odd things, try to make gold out of it. Tell her how amazing she is even with her big belly.

Compliment her beyond her attitude and looks. Let her know she is doing you a big favour for carrying your baby. Don’t argue with her when she is trying to make decisions for the baby’s future. Each time you compliment her, please be sincere with it, else it won’t ease her pain. It is another crucial husband’s responsibility during pregnancy.

  • Spoil her

The world’s greatest woman is about to have your baby. Spoil her like she is the first and only woman in the world under conception. Remember, she is the one who carries your baby. The pain she will experience is a bit strange to you. I can remember when my wife was pregnant years back; I’m not sure I’ve seen someone going through such pain all my life. Husband care during pregnancy includes treating her like a queen she is!

Men need to understand certain things about pregnancy because their wife’s pregnancy is different from others. What works for one may not work for your wife. So, spoil her the possible way you can. Take care of everything she wants. If she needs to support herself with a firmer, please help her get it from the nearest store. To you, this is a quick fix, but she will forever be grateful to you for being there for her when she needed you most.

  • Be happy with her

Make her know how happy you are to see her smile despite her current situation. Try to reward her with her favorite gifts; it will encourage her to smile more often. She can also increase her excitement by adding few things to the nursery. It can be something previously discussed, but she could not afford it because they are expensive; this will wow her. At every point of her pregnancy, try to do something special; little things count.

  • Be nervous with her

Sometimes the joy of having her baby anytime soon can make her feel nervous. Discuss with her more often to know her thoughts. Also, let her know how you feel about her and how nervous you are to be a dad. Talking about it will put her at ease even as she approaches the delivery room.

  • Let her know your emotions too

Husband care during pregnancy involves meeting their wife’s physical and emotional needs. Some men during this period don’t like relating their stress and bad moments with their wives; this can make them worried. When you face hard times, you may try to hide it from her, but feelings don’t hide. She will sense something is wrong but may not want to border you because you hide it from her. It will make her boil at the range of increase her pain.

Husband care during pregnancy - Let her know your emotions too

Instead of hiding this pain, which she will eventually discover from your mode, why not tell her about it? Discussing it with her maybe all the heal she needs. Making your relationship open to discuss anything with your partner will make you two a great parent to your unborn child.

  • Take her out when necessary

A pregnant wife visiting tourist centers with her husband, going out shopping or having a night out together will distract and relief her from anxieties. It will bring out the best in her with so much strength to carry on. Show her to new places like her dream holiday vacation. If you can’t afford all these luxuries, you can as well take her to watch a movie in a good cinema around your city. Just anything to help her clear her head will show emotional support during pregnancy.

  • Comfort her

When you can’t afford all the things she needs during pregnancy, don’t turn a selfish husband emotionally to avoid responsibilities. She is your wife and understands the way things are. There are little things that will make her feel happy. Give her a hug when she is down, help her rest her head in your arms, let her know how well you love her, and that everything will be over soon. Help her through each day. From personal experience, this helps.

  • Listen to her

Naturally, women enjoy it when their husband gives them a listening ear during a conversation. Most times, all they need to feel at ease may not necessarily be your contribution but your listening ear. This Level of attention increases during conception. As the baby grows in her womb each day, she has something new to tell you. Husband care during pregnancy should be more than doing house chores and buying all the good things she needs. I’m not saying these things are not necessary. But giving her a listening ear rather than proffering solutions is required.

Some husbands feel they are stronger and knows more than their wife. Each time a little conversation comes up, they already understand before they hear her out. It is a terrible habit that should be corrected, especially when your wife is pregnant. Instead of assuming she wants your solution, please ask her.

“How may I help out?” Whatever answers she gives to you, please respect her.

  • Listen to all of her complaints

She has the right to complain during conception. You can repeat this as many times as you want. Knowing this fact will make her complaints attended to. It’s the same everywhere. If there is a reason the word complains is found in the dictionary, from my observation, I think it’s because of pregnant women.

When preparing for this article, I can remember visiting antenatal class. My team members visited a prenatal care class and were automatically made pregnant dads with their heavy pregnancy bodysuits. The truth is, they got tired even before we concluded our research. I feel this alone is enough proof for you to prepare for complaints as an expectant dad.

After that class, I will reflect on the memories each time my wife complains during pregnancy. With this clear understanding, I already know what she is passing through. So, I always comfort her after listening to all she has to say.

  • Pay special attention each time she talks about the baby

She is carrying a baby; her mind will be preoccupied with so much thought about the baby’s future. She will like to relate things and the kind of life she will want for the child. Please pay attention to it to make sure it’s in line with your plans. So, that things can work out.

As earlier mentioned, most pregnant women want a listening ear, but don’t let this stop you from joining the conversation. Reply to her when necessary. Ask questions and enjoy the conversation. It will make her feel much better.

  • Do what she asks

It is one significant way husband care during pregnancy. Doing the things, she asks. Wives enjoy seeing their husbands run an errand for them, and they can only enjoy this privilege more when they are heavy with a baby. Please don’t only give her a listening ear, do what she asks. It may be giving her water from the refrigerator, escorting her to prenatal care. Trust me; It is not the right time to ask her a series of questions, follow her to make her happy.

  • Please don’t make her repeat herself on the same request

Please understand that she will love to have certain things done. If you help her out with her request, she will see you are a loving husband, but in situations where she has to keep repeating the same request, she gets stressed up, which could cause depression.

Always remember she is carrying your baby, so try to make her happy. If she asks you for anything, please do it immediately without making her wait or repeat herself. So, if you agreed to escort her to prenatal, mark it in your schedule and don’t wait for her to remind you of this.

Pregnancy for women is sometimes scary, especially when it’s her first time. She is always curious to know if the baby is doing ok, how her delivery will look, what kind of mum she will become, etc. So, one way husband care during pregnancy is to conduct some research from relevant sources on issues bordering her. The pains are normal, but always encourage her to go for checkups to ensure the baby is doing fine.

I know most ladies will enjoy this more than their husbands because it’s a call to the responsibility on their part. However, it’s required for the health of both mother and child. Let’s hear your contribution or experiences as a pregnant wife or an expectant dad in our session below.


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