Dubai visitors guide for first-timers

Glitz, Glam, and the entire luxury in Dubai are worth visiting. When you think of a dream holiday vacation, the first place that comes to mind is the home of big, flashy, and the tallest buildings, fantastic experiences, and one of the largest malls you ever think of. And that can only be achieved in Dubai.

Dubai visitors guide

However, Dubai is a bit different from the western world; more reason you have to learn the visitors guide for first-timers below.

  1. Mind your manners

The level of technology and environmental standards can make you forget you are on an Arabian Peninsula. Their culture is very much different from that of the western world. If you choose to take some time out of Dubai, please mind your dressing. What you consider a normal night outfit in the western world, could land you into an embarrassing situation. I’m not saying there are no bars that serve alcohol or western dress are forbidden, but it is better to learn the tips for traveling to Dubai to play safely on the side of caution.

  1. Hop in a cab (or bus)

This is another Dubai visitors guide first-timers shouldn’t joke with. Dubai has hot and hotter weather. So, for first-time travelers who are used to taking on a city by foot, the good news is, walking in Dubai is completely out of the picture. It’s strictly for driving and riding.

  1. Head to the beach

Your time to Dubai will be a memorable one if you visit their beautiful beach during winter. If your desired time for Dubai is from June to August you will experience a very hot temperature. Let’s say up to 40°-degree census. More reason why the best time in Dubai is during winter, from November to March. During this period everywhere is cool enough for an enjoyable beach lounging.

If you have traveled to Dubai before, please share your first time experience with us via our comment session.


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