How to deal with a manipulative ex

If possible, you can take all the manipulative relationship quiz online, to know how to deal with a manipulative ex, only to realize emotional manipulative people are not predictable. At one moment you think everything with your ex, is over and you have put all the anguish and pain behind you/ The moment you start putting yourself together, suddenly your manipulative ex shows up. But the big question is; Are you ready to go through all the heartache, pains, anger and frustration once more?

deal with a manipulative ex

Now think about it. You broke up with him because things were no longer working fine. In clear terms, everything you both share in common is over, regardless of breaking up with them, or they choose to dumb you. The breakup may be caused by mutual neglect or what so ever it was. The facts remain. The relationship is all over, and you have to act in that line.

No doubts, it would be great if your ex also realized the fact that everything you share in common is over. But you can’t control their emotions, what you have control over is yourself, the decisions you make and your attitude. What then can you do to deal with a manipulative ex-boyfriend?

How to handle a manipulative ex?

To save yourself a ton of heartache, please follow this simple rule.

  1. Cut off all contacts

The easiest way to move past a break up is to delete all existing contact with our ex. No chatting, no comment on his social media handle, no messages, no calls. If it happens you live in the same house with a manipulative husband after divorce, then I advise you to move your things out. The golden rule is, once the relationship is over, no more contact.

If your ex is trying to keep close contact with you, then it is some form of manipulation. It’s either they want something for you, or they will have you do something for them that will involve physical contact. Either way, you have to cut all contact. That is how to deal with a manipulative ex.

  1. Avoid traps

There is absolutely nothing a manipulative boyfriend or girlfriend won’t do to bring back memories. You will notice them saying all manner of cray and desperate things to have you react or respond to their trap.

Avoid traps

An ex can be manipulative to the point they threaten to kill their self and blame you for their action. They will tell you everything they are currently going through is all because of you. Just anything to make you regret ending the relationship. Some will go on spreading lies about you, or even hidden secrets among your friends on social media. Now, this is how the whole stuff works. They act or say negative things about you; you react, they repeat the same line of action, you react. They are getting enough attention from you already.

Have you experienced a manipulative ex before, or you will like to contribute to this list on how to deal with a manipulative ex? Leave your questions and contributions in the comment session below.

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