13 characteristics of a cheating woman

When most people fall in love, they trust their partner with all their heart and never could imagine the possibility of being cheated on. It’s difficult to tell when someone is going to cheat. However, there are some traits or characteristics of a cheating woman in a relationship. You must lookout for the tips below when you are in love with her to ensure your relationship is a faithful one.

Most women are likely to cheat due to learned behaviors from their favorite celebrities or role models, personal traits, level of wealth, social status, career, friends, and social circles they belong. These characteristics of a cheating woman make the action looks justifiable or an option they can easily consider. On the other hand, those with strict values, members of professional social networks, and a simple lifestyle are satisfied with their relationship and have a lesser chance of infidelity.

characteristics of a cheating woman

As you may already know, cheating is a choice. For this reason, the characteristics of a cheating woman mentioned earlier may not apply to everyone with that status, and those with a more formal status are not entirely free from cheating. Still, the percentage of cheaters under this status is reduced. So, you have to relax your mind because your partner may exhibit these attitudes and remain faithful.

What is emotional cheating in marriage?

Emotional cheating refers to having an intimate affair with someone other than their partner; This affects the level of communication and emotional stability in your marriage.

Why will a cheating woman get married?

No woman gets marriage with the mindset of cheating on their husband. They cheat because of dissatisfaction and lack of happiness. Dissatisfaction can either be an emotional imbalance, or the inability of their man to satisfy them in bed. Marriage is entirely different from a relationship; you see your partner all the time; you know their good and bad attitude. Without proper nurturing, it becomes difficult for couples to stay together without cheating on each other. Although most cheating women always attribute their claim to be marriage starving from intimacy.

Part of the characteristics of a cheating woman and infidelity in marriage is the feeling that both parties have fallen apart. A cheating woman sees cheating as an opportunity to find something new and exciting because they are too familiar with their partners’ behaviours and can each predict their next line of action. At this stage, they already see their marriage as boring.

What makes your woman a cheater?

Some of the popular reasons why a woman is unfaithful can easily be traced back to the level of communication between partners in a relationship. Learn to discuss everything, including the bad and good things. This way, she will feel more comfortable expressing her feelings and relating her desires.

How common is a cheating woman in marriage?

From a general perspective, Men are most likely to cheat more (20%) than women (13%). This is the percentage of those who agreed to have cheated on their partner while married. The bad thing is, once a cheater will always remain a cheater.  Those who cheat on their partner for the very first time already possess the characteristics of a cheating woman and are most likely to cheat again in the future although there are no encompassing traits of a cheating woman because people do cheat for several reasons.

Is flirting the same as cheating?

Some women see flirting as normal or natural as long as it has nothing to with physical things. Although flirting can lead to a lady cheating on her partner, but it can’t be directly pinned down or say flirting is cheating. But when it begins to harm your partner, it becomes cheating. Because betrayal may likely occur, that will leave your partner heartbroken.

Is flirting the same as cheating

If you choose to message or chat up someone, you both understood the boundaries that it’s only for harmless fun, and your partner has no problem with it, then it can be considered as fun. But when you are flirting with other men and your partner doesn’t know the boundaries, then he will feel unhappy with the way you relate outside the relationship. The moment you try to hide something from your man, no matter how little it is, then betrayal is bond to set in.

When you notice these characteristics of a cheating woman in your partner, it isn’t right to start accusing her of cheating. Instead, approach the issue with more curiosity, especially when you are sure they intend to cause you harm or a payback.

What are the common traits among cheating women?

Men are certainly most likely to cheat more than women, but women do cheat, and there are specific characteristics you can look out for in your partner to know if she is a cheating woman.

  • They have a family history of cheating

Ladies who grew up in an environment filled with betrayal and cheating are more likely to do the same. Sometimes the anxiety or feelings about being cheated on can negatively motivate a lady to cheat. Besides, women who watch their parents cheating as they grew up are more likely to do the same. This correlation is not always direct, o definitive, previous experience form the basis of couples’ attitudes in their marriage.

  • They are afraid of divorcing their current partner

This is one of the significant characteristics of a cheating woman. Most ladies are fed up with their partner. Still, because their man is trying so hard to keep a faithful relationship, so they prefer to cheat when the relationship no longer satisfies their emotional needs rather than calling it a quit. With time, they will bring their cheating habit to the limelight where their partner will have no choice than to help them end the relationship.

  • They have a separate social life

Although it’s nice to undertake some tasks alone, each time this happens, the ladies are quick to spend this fantastic time with friends and companions other than her man. Having repeated fun of this nature can weaken the bond between two couples. When people are alone in places where they are barely known, there is this sense of anonymity, especially for the ladies, this can compel them to cheat.

  • They are afraid of commitment

This is another characteristic of a cheating woman. They enjoy being chased by different men for a relationship, but when they eventually get into a relationship, they see it as boring, mentally, and physically stressed. When the relationship becomes serious, then they lose out completely to cheat on their partner. As a guy, try to find out before going into a relationship, her potential intentions to keep a relationship. Some ladies don’t want a long-term relationship; they enjoy flirting with you. Others are afraid of commitment; if you don’t pay attention to this, you will end up in a monogamous relationship.

  • They have previously cheated

Similar to the famous statement “once a cheater is always a cheater” for reasons best known to them. When a woman cheats in her first relationship, there is three times the probability that she may likely cheat in her next one. When a lady cheats once, they come up with a perfect plan to justify their infidelity; this desensitized her brain to make cheating a habit even to their future partner.

  • Too many privacy

A cheating woman is always hiding things from her man. She put a sensitive password in hr mobile phones and gadgets. They also keep their extramarital affairs to themselves. They keep every detail from the reach of their partner. Relevant information such as family lives, their friends, and details of their work too.

  • A cheating woman lies and lies well

One of the significant characteristics of a cheating woman is that she knows how to tell good lies with proper evidence. They are good at words and know exactly what to say and when to say it. If your woman is a cheater, don’t feel all that bad when you notice their false promises and lame excuses for cheating on you. It’s frustrating, but you have to get used to it because they are very good at it.

A cheating woman lies

A cheating woman is good at lying to the extent that she plans the framework ahead of time, just to cover up their tracks later on in their relationship. The nature of their lies come in the form of office workload; they went visiting a friend, just anything that can’t be traced to their cheating habits. They always have a great and charming story to tell. They can go as far as saying things like “what a long day at work; when it was actuatable a fantastic moment in the arms of another man.

  • They are quick to push the blame

From the moment a cheating woman notice she is likely to be caught, they find something or anything to shift blame. They usually shift the blame to their men when they are with their cheating partners. You will hear her saying things like “My partner always likes to have things his way, and mostly refuse to do the things I like in bed” or, “I’m in an open relationship, and I owe him no commitment.” Anything a cheating woman does, is the fault of her partner, even when she knows it’s a habit.

She finds it easy to forget; she acts on her own accord. If you are not sensitive that your partner is trying to get inside your head, then you will begin to doubt yourself because they make it so that you should regret yourself for something they did.

  • A cheating woman always beat around the bush

The instinct of a cheating woman still beat around the bush. Telling the truth is impossible. When you ask her about their single friend or co-worker, they have been talking more often with recently. You will notice a quick change of discussion. This is a blunt red flag and an excellent characteristic of a cheating woman.

  • Over-demanding woman

A woman whose emotional appetite is never satisfied is more likely to cheat on her man. Her type always wants more of everything. Be it money, attention, love, just everything and still want it to be now. Her huge appetite creates a vacuum that you may try to fill, but the more you try, the less she appreciates you. This kind of women finds it easy to meet other men to provide them with these insatiable needs.

  • The woman who loves too much fun

Having fun in a relationship is okay; the relationship becomes bored when it’s all work and no fun. But a cheating woman is most likely to have fun every hour of the day, and if they can’t get this from their partner, they will start having an affair from some other guys who can thrill the fun.

  • She is extremely jealous

One funny thing about a cheating woman is that she hates to be cheated on. They go crazy with the wild imagination that you are giving another woman the same satisfaction they derive from their cheating partner. They are jealous and will do everything to keep their path clean (hide their cheating affairs from their man).

  • When she is emotionally unavailable

If your woman starts starving you emotionally, it could be a clear indication that she is cheating on you. At this point, she is completely tired of the relationship and will find every fault and weakness in her man, because she has noticed a new source of strength with her new partner.

Sometimes her emotion can be pushed by her man, to the point where she no longer cares. In this period of weakness, she will do anything to find happiness, including cheating on her man.

Although a woman can cheat for different reasons under some circumstances, the tips mentioned above might not be enough clues that she is cheating on you. But these characteristics were shared by some cheating women in our recent survey.

If you have dated a cheating partner or you have cheated yourself, let’s hear out your opinion in our comment session below.

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