How to book Vegas Hotel without resort fee

Las Vegas hotel resort fee is one customer always frown at from inception. Let’s say you are hearing about resort fees in Las Vegas for the first time, you can read more below.

What is a Resort fee?

Resort fees are daily supplementary charges outside the regular booking fees hotels charge their customers. The resort fee keeps increasing as you increase your stay, and you are to pay upon check out. Some hotels will classify it as extra fees for special services you enjoyed during your stay, like laundry, sports and fitness centers, special shows, and so on.

Vegas Hotel without resort fee

For some years now, customer booking hotels in Las Vegas are not too comfortable with this fee, and this has been a source of contention. It is believed that there are more hidden charges added, and they see no reason why they are independently managed out of their quoted nightly room rate.

Quoted prices cause serious confusion for customers who are not aware of any resort fee, only to be presented with bills to pay upon checking out.

On the 5th of January 2017, An Economic Analysis of Hotel Resort Fees was released by the Federal trade commission. Their Analysis proves that additional resort fees that are mandatory for consumers outside the normal booking price can cause serious issues. Upon this Analysis, resort fees persist.

How to avoid paying resort fees in Las Vegas Hotels

  1. Book an award stay

This is one of the possible ways to Vegas hotels with no resort fees. Most hotels in Las Vegas usually wave off resort fees when you book with points through their loyalty programs. E.g., Hilton and Hyatt’s hotels do waive off resort fees when you book an award stay. Hilton points can be earned through the use of a plethora of co-branded credit cards.

  1. Use your elite status

Whether you booked your stay via an award or directly and you are asked to pay a resort fee, if you have elite status, this will potentially help. For example, when you get involved in the World of Hyatt Program, those with this status do not pay resort fees, some even have free access to more hotel facilities than those paying for Vegas resort fees. Although this is solely reserved for top-tier Hyatt elites. To earn Hyatt Globalist status faster, learn to use their card when booking reservations.

  1. Look for Las Vegas hotels without resort fee

There are lots of Las Vegas hotels with resort fees attached, but you can still get good ones without paying any resort fees. You can check out hotels like Hawaii, Orlando, among others. You have to search harder because they are few. If you are using a travel agency, you can tell him to make the bookings.

If you are doing the bookings yourself, I advise you to consult the hotel websites if the hotel in question is charging a resort fee or not.

Resort fees have caused severe problems in the travel industry since its inception. Most times, they are extraordinarily expensive and poorly disclose. More heartbreaking is that you barely find real value for such a huge amount. We hope the tide turn against them anytime soon. But for now, let’s hear from you more ways of avoiding Las Vegas hotel resort fees.

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